Wednesday, May 8, 2013

~ Sail Away ~

The Meekers were at it again.......CRUISING that is!!!

Let me tell you all - we had a BLAST!!!
This was mine and Terral's 5th cruise.
We have had several people ask if we were afraid to go since Carnival has had some trouble with a few boats recently, but we were not at all! We did not hesitate one bit boarding that ship! We had a group of 30; some who went last time and some who had never been at all! It is so fun going with people who have never been because they have NO idea what to expect. 

Our party of 30 boarded the Carnival Magic on Sunday, April 21st in Galveston, TX. It was a fun little trip down to the port; we traveled with Aunt Rhonda, Uncle Lonnie, Aaron, Jacque, and Myles. 

It was so nice having a bigger vehicle to travel in! The kids had plenty of leg room and they did not fight and aggravate each other. Having the DVD player was wonderful to have as well. Plenty of Duck Dynasty was played there and back!

When we arrived in Galveston we checked into our hotel,watched the Disney Magic set sail, walked on the beach a little, ate dinner, and took a little journey through Wal-Mart. (we just can't get enough of that place) :)

These are just a couple of shots I took of the Galveston Pier. I thought it looked so neat all lit up!
This is just the beginning of the Meeker family vacation.
More to come of the Carnival Magic Meeker style!!!

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