Friday, May 31, 2013

~ 2nd Day At Sea ~

 So, are second day at sea was filled with some activities and some relaxing. For some reason, I did not take as many pictures but did manage to capture a few good moments. Like, Terral singing karoake.
 This sweet boy is Sammy. He obviously had no idea Lindsey was posing with him. Lindsey made friends with him and the rest of us followed her lead. It was a total God thing because he was the sweetest and I think he had a great time. Anytime we would see him, he would just sit and chat and hang out.
 The family hanging out listening to some good singers and some not so good singer. There was a girl named Hope, who sings in church ;), and she was amazing. She broke out some Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey and hit every note. She was amazing!!
 Yes, some of us took naps. Not the momma though.
 They found a movie on they liked so it was great rest time.
 This was right before dinner. There was a band playing so we listened and danced for a little bit.
 Love these two. I think they are getting used to posing for pictures together.
 Harper and Jasper.
 Sweet Brooklyn...isn't she the cutest! (Should have removed the red eye...oops)
 Jasper at dinner.
 Dinner time!
 My Huddy Bud
 Love this picture! Harper looks like she is having a blast. Hudson looks like he is getting down. 
Gangnam Style
 Gangnam Style
 Yes...Hudson broke out in the dolphin! Proud moment!! haha
 I think they were proud too! These were our waiters. So fun!

 Grandma Penny and Lauren
 The girls
 The girls
 The guys
 Love my Lauren
 Conga line...Harper is always so good to take care of the ones younger than her. I know she missed her brother.
 When we go on these cruises, my terrific husband is the one who enters all the contests and wins the trophies for us....but this time I won! yay! Yes, I won the limbo contest! It was such a fun night!
 All these pictures are of the deck party. It was so fun. We did dance after dance and it all started with the Harlem Shake. We had a blast!
 Some of our crew who "laid low".
 Cotton-eyed joe.....Alex was right there with one of the cruise director's assistants.
 Poor Jasper fell asleep like this. It was seriously past his bed time!
 Aunt Karla kept the party going. She is such a hoot!
 Lauren Marie
Poor kid was exhausted. Looks like they were doing YMCA in the background. I am looking a little tired too in this picture. 

This was seriously a FUN night. We danced and danced!! I wish I would have videoed Lindsey dancing. She has a blast and is fun to watch!

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